the quick & dirty

  1. After 10 years in commercial real estate + 2 in marketing technology sales I took a big leap to pursue my true passion: making a healthier diet and lifestyle feel accessible and sustainable - especially for those battling chronic or autoimmune disease, hormonal imbalances, mental health issues and disordered eating. As a health coach, writer and founder of Misfit Wellness, I hope to provide other women with the resources and support I never had when I was struggling with my health and body image for over 2 decades. Click here to see how I'm making that happen.

  2. Navigating mental and physical health issues has taught me that protecting our health is the worthiest of causes. We simply cannot be and do and give our best in this world when we are unwell. 

  3. As someone who has struggled with disordered eating, body image and self esteem issues present since childhood, I am EXTREMELY passionate about women finding our way towards a more positive, meaningful, loving, accepting relationship with our bodies and selves. 

  4. I was born in Tralee, Co. Kerry Ireland, raised in Farmington, CT and went to school in Boston, MA before moving to San Francisco, CA. (Although I miss my family and friends back East every damn day, this city is where I found love, vegetables AND a path towards being kinder to myself, so for now it remains home.)

  5. I live on Nob Hill with my husband Kevin and our shockingly handsome yellow lab Henry. (You should see this guy. He's really really good looking.)

  6. My favorite things: laughing with and/or cooking for the hubs, friends & family; my dog's squishy face; travel - especially to off-the-beaten-path places like Belize or Mozambique; hiking CA's coastal trails, picnics in San Francisco's postcard perfect parks, hot sweaty yogareading in bed with Kevin, doing British things while watching British TV with my sister, reading ALL the books, trying new things (like salsa dancing, candle making, pottery or next up: aerial yoga). Oh and dancing! I don't know if I'm ever happier than when I'm dancing. 

  7. When not doing something from the above, find me wandering the aisles of Whole Foods (happy place), jogging outside (new for me!), spinning my buns off at Soul Cycle, or volunteering with the SPCA and 826 Valencia