After a decade of public speaking experience garnered in boardrooms and ballrooms across the country, speaking to large and small groups alike at corporate or community events, retreats and conferences has become second nature. I'm enthusiastic about any opportunity to leverage my professional and personal experiences into meaningful engagement with audiences around the power of healthier nutrition and lifestyle choices. I'm particularly passionate about making wellness more approachable, accessible and sustainable and aim to offer an open, honest (and usually a little funny) perspective on all things health and wellness! Clients include Twitter, ClassPass, Glassdoor, Uber, Dropbox, Yelp!, Athleta, Blend, Clover Health, Affirm, Tophatter, Bell Investment Advisors and more.  

Please contact me through the form at the bottom of this page for a full list of topics or to see case studies!   


Most commonly, I work with corporate clients in one or more of the below capacities:

OPTION A: Wellness workshops and/or fireside chats geared towards your general population

OPTION B: ERG wellness talks geared towards specific groups

OPTION C: Monthly or quarterly 1:1 session days (up to 6 hours of back-to-back 30 minute consults with individual employees)

More about workshops, firesides and additional services:

WORKSHOPS: Engaging hands-on experiences designed to make a healthier diet and lifestyle feel approachable, affordable and sustainable. Don't just empower your employees with the simple tools they need to harness the power of nutrition and everyday wellness, show them how to make it happen! Popular workshop offerings include Meal Prep 101, Practical Wellness, Functional Smoothies and Everyday Self Care. Clients include ClassPass, Glassdoor, Uber, Dropbox, Yelp!, Athleta, Clover Health, Affirm, Bell Investment Advisors and more.  Please contact me through the form at the bottom of this page for a full list of workshop options!

PRESENTATIONS/FIRESIDES:  Don't have the space or facilities for a hands-on smoothie or meal prep workshop? Presentations and fireside chats are informative, interactive alternatives that get your employees excited about nutrition and lifestyle hacks and provide the tools to help them translate meaningful knowledge into action. Please contact me through the form at the bottom of this page for a full list of topics!   

KITCHEN REBOOTS: Beyond the general health and wellbeing of your employees, nutrition effects focus, performance, productivity and healthcare costs. Chances are the processed snacks, cereals and beverages you're stocking your company kitchen with are doing more harm than good. If you're investing in green build-outs, health-supportive office configurations and next-generation wellness programs, you should be re-thinking nutrition too. So the question is, what are you feeding your workforce? 



INDIVIDUAL PROGRAMS: Highly customized, goal-oriented wellness programs for those seeking the tools, resources and support needed to navigate their obstacles to mental and physical health. Want to overhaul your diet or manage stress more effectively but don't know where to start? Confused about what to eat on a gut healing or hormone balancing protocol? Want to create healthier habits for your family in and outside of your home? I specialize in approachable, sustainable, realistic action plans that make achieving your personal wellness goals feel possible, and more importantly, make maintaining your health manageable.  

Please note: all coaching is conducted over Skype, or via phone

GROUP PROGRAMS: More comfortable tackling challenges with the support of friends or like-minded individuals? Group coaching is available for groups of up to six people united around a common goal. 


SPECIAL PROTOCOL SUPPORT: Perfect for anyone feeling overwhelmed by that long list of "off-limits" foods for your physician prescribed anti-inflammatory, AIP, low-histamine, gut healing, hormone balancing (to name a few) protocol? The MFW combination of consultation + optional in-home visit + YES! foods list + meal plan support will have you rocking that protocol in your sleep. Surviving and thriving on any special diet is just a few hours away. 

PANTRY EDITS: Let's open those cabinets and explore opportunities to improve nutrition, increase whole food consumption and get you and your family on track with healthier eating!  

COOK WITH MFW: Whether you're interested in learning how to meal prep your way through a week of healthy eating, cook nourishing one-skillet meals for a family of four, or simply want to create healthier habits around cooking at home, this single-session conducted in the comfort of your own home is the perfect fit. 

SUPERMARKET SWEEP: Eager to learn how to navigate the aisles, read food labels and make healthier grocery choices like a real food expert? This field trip to your local grocery store will arm you with the knowledge and tips you need to make healthier decisions in any aisle of any shop on any budget.  


For corporate wellness and speaking engagements, please include in your inquiry your budget, location and event links where applicable.

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