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What the mf?

I’m determined to start a new kind of conversation around women's health and wellness. Think inclusive, honest, funny and probably a little bit weird. I’m mission-driven and hell bent on providing what too few girls and women have to navigate their wellness journeys: the simple tools, accessible resources, digestible knowledge and most importantly, camaraderie that makes wellness feel possible.

Whether this is the beginning, middle or home stretch on your way to achieving mental and physical health, consider this a place to learn, to laugh, to share, and to find recipes for sanity along the way.

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why misfit wellness?


Everyone deserves to be well. Everyone. Underweight, overweight, rich, poor, privileged, underserved, young, old, country girl, city dweller, kids, no kids, basic, basic-hater, East Coast, West Coast, no coast. Doesn’t matter. Everyone deserves to be happy, healthy, comfortable in her own skin. The knowledge, resources, caregivers, guidance and support systems that enable us to be our best selves and live our best lives shouldn't be inaccessible or exclusive. The recipe for wellness shouldn't be a guarded secret, nor should it be overcomplicated. My workshops, speaking engagements and coaching services are all about breaking down these barriers to wellness.

what clients are saying  


Liz is a phenomenal speaker. She is relatable, deeply knowledgeable, and passionate about her craft. Her authenticity sets the audience at ease and will get them super engaged. As a bonus, she can curate her content to the specific needs of your group. I highly recommend working with her! - ATHLETA


I saw Liz speak at a community event and I knew instantly I had to bring her to our company. Her presence and passion about wellness is exactly what I was looking for as we launch Affirm’s Wellness efforts. From the start, Liz was involved in understanding Affirm’s vision for our Wellness Program and tailored her presentation accordingly. I was impressed with her ability to present with ease and authenticity. She was engaging, approachable and an amazing professional to work with. If you have the chance and opportunity to work with Liz, don’t hesitate! - AFFIRM

Liz has been a joy to partner with for the last year. Her talks promote a positive climate around mindfulness and health that align with our goals towards holistic employee wellness. Her communication style is down to earth, accessible and she presents actionable ideas...small changes that we can integrate into our busy lives to be healthier.  Whether it's healthy eating, tips for better sleep or learning to manage stress, Misfit Wellness has fresh insights to help our employees in their daily lives. -GLASSDOOR


“One of the things I liked the best about working with Liz is that the word 'diet' was never used and she never told me NOT to eat a particular food. Rather than the old deprivation scenario my new way of eating is exciting, life affirming and robust.” -JUNE


“Liz has completely changed my view of what it means to live a healthy life. She has a reasonable and sustainable approach to healthy living for herself and her clients. No one is perfect, and Liz truthfully understands and supports that.” - CHRISTINA

“Liz helped me realize that it's okay to prioritize my mental and physical health, and gave me the tools to do so. Thanks to her, I have several new healthy and delicious recipes, more mindful ways to manage stress, and the knowledge and resources to make healthier decisions going forward.” - KATE


“After working with Liz, my question isn't whether you should engage her services, but how could you not? Don't hesitate -- her coaching will undoubtedly pay for itself in terms of both health and happiness.” - SUE


Wellness over perfection

Authenticity over idealism

Truth over silence


Compassion over judgement

Support over shame

resources over ignorance


the mf goods

I’ve been slaying some health and wellness dragons since the age of 11. I'm 36. In those 25 years, you know what I found to be the most challenging parts? Not the back surgery or infertility. Not the disordered eating or depression. Hypothyroidism or PCOS? Nope. It was the loneliness, the lack of guidance and support. The women I’ve met who have had the courage to speak freely about their journeys say the same. In sharing the below, I hope to spark a conversation, create a community, hell, start a MOVEMENT of women ready, willing and able to help each other through shared experience, resources and LAUGHTER while we stumble through this glorious and messed up thing called life. In the moments in between, catch me speaking, workshopping and coaching. Click here to learn more and here to see what it's like to work with me!



Simple foundational stuff to support your health and wellness journey. Think fundamentals of holistic health and nutrition (because knowledge is power,) PLUS helpful guides like how to grocery shop like a healthy boss, a superfood glossary,  and "WTF is that Funky Ingredient?" Guide.



Misfit tidbits to help you avoid clawing your eyes out in the kitchen. Or the bathroom. Or the bedroom. Think eating clean and going green without going broke. Or insane. I’ll get all up in making a healthier lifestyle affordable, sustainable, and most importantly, REASONABLE (especially when dining out, entertaining and traveling).


matcha talk 

Remember Saturday Night Live's "Coffee Talk?" How about "Between Two Ferns" with Zach Galafanakis? What if the focus of those uncomfortable interviews was awkward wellness topics? Cue Matcha Talk. Check out these 2 minute videos anytime you need a reminder that you're not alone as you think you are while you're closet eating, dreaming about disappearing your children, or crying in the Lululemon dressing room. 



Healthy foodporn that won’t leave you hangry or crying into an overpriced smoothie bowl. We’re talking delicious, drool-worthy, fill a bathtub with this stuff and let me swim in it good.  Best part? I’ll categorize recipes according to experience level so no fretting over bizarre ingredients or hippie methods unless you’re ready for a challenge! Note: The recipe library will grow with each blog post... check out Misfit Wellness on Instagram in between.



Lord knows finding the right caregivers can be harder than finding the ingredients for a GOOP recipe. Using a combination of personal experiences and guest experts, I’ll provide recommendations that can be helpful in finding the right support for what ails you. Think everything from allergists to acupuncturists, wellness retreats to support networks, and therapists to healers.



Candid reviews of the latest nutrition, exercise and wellness trends PLUS restaurants, hotels and things like meal delivery services that make it easy to get well and stay well. Why suffer through deciding if that new thing is worth your time and money when some crazy health nut can do it for you?



Books, articles, websites, podcasts and more that support the pursuit of a happy, healthy, balanced life. Whatever that looks like for YOU.