• THE PROTEIN I USE DAILY (that took me 6 years of trial & error to find!): Nuzest  - get 15% off their products on their website by using MISFITWELLNESS at checkout (I'm addicted to the Chocolate Clean Lean Protein)

  • MY FAVORITE BRAND OF COLLAGEN: Further Food Collagen - use MISFITWELLNESS10 for 10% off their products on their website (I love the marine collagen peptides)

  • THE DEPRIVATION-FREE CLEANSE THAT CHANGED MY LIFE: Use code LIZCLEAN for $60 off the 21-day Clean Program kit and try the cleanse that completely changed my relationship with food and my misfit body.

  • MY FAVORITE SF MEAL DELIVERY SERVICE: Use code ELIZABETHA0A7 to receive 10% off your first Methodology order. These guys are doing something truly unique and amazing in the meal delivery space by using health promoting ingredients to create delicious food that can work for a wide variety of special protocols like Whole30, gluten-free, paleo, keto and even AIP.

  • MY FAVORITE REUSABLE STORAGE: stasher bags - use MISFIT for a 15% off on their website (we have at least 1 in ever size and are slowly buying more to eliminate use of Ziplocs in our house entirely)

  • MY FAVORITE (LUXURY) PLANT-BASED MEAL DELIVERY SERVICE: Sakara Life - use REF_MFW15 on their website for 15% off your first meal program. This program is a bit of a splurge (thus the luxury label) but it's a feast for the eyes and tummy if you're kickstarting a cleanse, expanding your vegetarian palate or ready to experience how exotic and beautiful vegetable forward cuisine can be. I see it as a great option when you want to show yourself a little extra love by treating yourself to beautiful food that is as good for your body as it is for your taste buds. Bonus: The food is the opposite of boring, the nutrition philosophies are wonderful and I love their emphasis on mindful eating. Please note: the portion sizes are on the smaller side, so be prepared with healthy snacks and omnivores will need to supplement protein. 


Because trust and authenticity are foundational in all of the work I do on and offline, I am as mindful about the products I share with you as I am about the ones I use in my daily life. I am wary of trends, especially Instafood trends, and resist the temptation to jump on most bandwagons unless there's a damn good reason (like taste). Not going to lie, I do occasionally fall head over heels for hot brands like Kite Hill cheese (but not their yogurts. womp) and rituals like jade rolling, but I am not a fan girl about anything unless the taste, results or research is there to back it up. If something is popular because of marketing or social media but tastes or works like crap (RX bars), I'm not going to buy it or suggest you do. 

The purpose of Misfit Wellness is not to promote products or generate income from doing so. The purpose is to make a healthier diet and lifestyle more approachable, accessible and sustainable; and by doing so, to make achieving and maintaining mental and physical health feel POSSIBLE. If and when there are products or companies that have helped me eat and live well, I happily share them in an effort to serve this greater MFW purpose.

Whether it is sharing the world's first delicious, pliable grain-free tortilla (after years of eating petrified tissue) or recommending a book that had me sobbing in relief about hormonal issues, rest assured I share what I share because I believe it will benefit you in some way. Oh and PS, ingredients, integrity and people matter to me. If those things don't matter to a brand or company, no thanks.  

What you can expect:

  • Imperfection. Sometimes I might love a chocolate or cookie or snack ball that doesn't have 100% perfectly "clean" or all whole food ingredients, but I'm sharing it for other reasons. There are a variety of factors that go into the products I buy, eat, use, including price, availability, quality, ingredients and how I feel about the company that sells them.

  • Mostly whole, real, unprocessed or minimally processed foods

  • Beautifully simple ingredients

  • Limited packaged or convenience foods; the ones I do mention are ones I feel good about eating myself and feeding my loved ones

  • Favorite brands I started using long before MFW and still love (like Navitas Organics)

  • New brands I fall in love with because they're changing the food industry by doing something wonderfully different (like Siete Family Foods)

  • Female owned companies that sell products I stand by AND are so wonderful to work with that they make me proud to call myself a female entrepreneur (like Furtherfood)

  • Lots of chocolate and other superfoods