misfit wellness workshops

The below is a sampling of current MFW workshop offerings. Please note all workshops can be customized and tailored to audience profile and company wellness goals. Not seeing what you're looking for below? Let's build a custom workshop together! Check out these topics to get your wheels turning around the endless possibilities! 

healthy eating simplified workshops


Please note all workshops in this category share a common goal: to make healthier eating more accessible, approachable and sustainable while empowering participants with knowledge and tools to easily leverage in their day to day lives. 

  1. Home Cooking 101: basic principles, tips and tricks to get you comfortable in the kitchen
  2. Meal Prep 101: fast, affordable, easy ways to set yourself up for a week of healthy eating
  3. Blending with Purpose: making delish & nourishing smoothies
  4. The Balanced Buddha: creating delicious and nutritionally balanced bowls & salads
  5. Healthy on the Go: crafting killer Tupperware & Mason jar meals
  6. Spicing it Up: making shockingly easy & healthy ethnic cuisine at home
functional nutrition workshops


  1. Food as Fuel: eating to support mental and physical performance
  2. Food as Medicine: please select from the following areas of focus: gut health and healing, hormone balance, anti-inflammatory/disease-fighting, anti-aging, navigating specific dietary protocols like AIP or low-histamine
  3. Hitting the Reset Button: a realistic and nourishing approach to restorative cleansing (popular in January or Spring!)
holistic health workshops


  1. A Modern Approach to Mindfulness: leveraging meditation and mindfulness to: prevent injuries and accelerate healing, eat for optimal health and improved digestion, improve focus and performance, reduce stress and improve sleep
  2. Everyday Stress Management: stress reduction and management tactics to use anywhere, anytime
  3. Everyday Self Care: easy ways to create a sustainable self care routine