misfit wellness meal made with pesto

If you think you need to be slinging plain steamed broccoli and forcing down boiled cabbage to eat in a way that supports your health, this post is for you. “Healthy is boring” is a big fat misconception. Using a variety of colors, flavors and textures makes almost any whole food based meal wonderfully exciting, but until you’ve got a little more experimenting under your belt, I have a fast and easy way to jazz up any dish: killer sauces and dressings.

The below is a list of our household favorites that are so drool-worthy they’d taste good drizzled on cardboard. These are sauces that are good enough to quadruple the batches (so you can freeze extra), dressings delicious enough to serve to even the pickiest guests and dips yummy enough to eat over and over again.

I’ve included some serving suggestions, but ask for more in the comments or let me know how you use them!



  • This green curry (you can also sub red curry paste in the recipe if you like it spicy!) is always a crowd pleaser. It’s heavenly made as is or poured over leftover veggies and squash for a winter curry soup.

  • This dressing from Tasty Thin’s Chinese Chicken Salad isn’t only delish on salad. We use it as a dipping sauce for spring rolls or tossed with spiralized veggies and shrimp too.

  • Looking for a dairy-free, nut-free but insanely delicious Thai-style dressing? This recipe will knock your socks off. I serve it with salads and buddha bowls.


  • This chipotle sauce is amazing on veggies, buddha bowls, tacos, fajitas, pretty much ANYTHING you can think of.


  • This herb drizzle is crazy simple and crazy good. We drizzle it on veggies, fish and chicken to make simple meals taste divine.

  • We're obsessed with this salsa verde because it adds an explosion of flavor to any meat, fish or vegetable dish. You can keep your meat and veggie preparation fast and easy because it won’t matter once you add this herb heaven!


  • We’ve been making Detoxinista Shallot Vinaigrette ever since she published the recipe in her first cookbook and we’re STILL not sick of it. I ALWAYS have this on hand and have served it to so many guests with great reviews!

  • This Turmeric Tahini Sauce is a fantastic on all the things or as a dip. The flavor is bright, light and nutty - perfect for adding flavor to boring bowls or salads!


  • Once you make this Easy Homemade Hummus you’re never going to grab store-bought again. It’s fantastic served with any Greek food or as a dip on a veggie platter or cheese board.

  • Black bean dip more your thing? Check out my variation on Lee From America’s famous black bean dip.

  • Combine 1/2 avocado with 1-2 tablespoons pesto (see above) and combine until smooth and creamy. This is to-die-for on turkey sandwiches or wraps or as a dip with sweet potato wedges!

detoxinista dip by misfit wellness
misfit wellness crudite and hummus
misfit wellness dips