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My meal prep routine is a little different each week, depending on what's on the calendar for the week ahead, if we're traveling, how much time I have to dedicate to cooking on the weekend and of course what kind of mood I'm in (cause human). Regardless of these constantly changing factors, preparing at least a little food at home is an integral part of any healthy diet and relationship with food, so I try to make it happen to some extent (even if that's just steaming some greens)! Whether you have a little time or plenty, or can cook like a pro or don't know how to boil water, below are some fool proof steps, tips and things to consider when setting yourself up for a week of healthier eating fueled by meal prep. 

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This delectable smoothie bowl is a powerful, nutritious start to your morning (or any time of day!) because it's packed with clean protein, healthy fats, superfoods AND some sneaky veggies - all things that fuel mental and physical performance and health. Throw in some collagen to promote gut, skin and joint health and you're covering the "food is medicine" bases too. The best part? You're getting all this goodness in a blended meal that's easy on the digestion while tasting even more delish than that tempting bowl of Cap'n Crunch you were considering.

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