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Store-bought acai bowls are usually loaded with more fruit, added sugar and piles of granola than any single person needs to consume in one sitting (unless you're about to run a marathon). This well balanced variation features the same glorious texture of those crave-worthy acai bowls and just the right amount of fruit to add yummy flavor without sending your blood sugar through the roof. And because I believe smoothies should always be nutrient dense AND fulfilling, there is plenty of protein, healthy fat and fiber to make this a powerful, filling and deeply satisfying meal! Oh and you know I snuck some veggies in there too :)

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A superfood is any food that is particularly nutrient dense and is more beneficial for your brain and bod than the average chicken nugget. Common superfoods include blueberries, kale and even dark chocolate. Below are some less common superfoods that you might see in Misfit Wellness recipes...

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